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Orchestrate by Freeman™

Orchestrate by FreemanTM is a web-based application that simplifies the gathering, managing, and displaying of presentation materials before and during your event. With our proprietary software and experienced support staff, you will improve the experience for your speakers and audiences by keeping meetings on schedule and reducing technical issues. Orchestrate scales to shows of any size, whether they are Mac- or PC-based, and integrates with abstract management companies.

“We have over 400 education sessions that take place here at HIMSS. So we utilized the presentation management system to keep the team organized, making sure that when we get here onsite, we’re able to put together the best program that we can.”
Kerry Amato Director of Professional Development, HIMSS


  • Simplify the gathering, managing, and display of presentation materials: You can easily manage any number of presentations from one application throughout the event lifecycle.
  • Improve experience for speakers: The user-friendly interface empowers speakers to upload, manage, and launch their presentations and our onsite support staff will assist with any questions.
  • Provide real time visibility: Know which speakers have uploaded files and made updates before and during the show.
  • Save time through automation: Standardized welcome and upload confirmation emails are automatically sent speakers.
70,000+ speakers use Orchestrate annually


  • Files are securely stored in one central location
  • Native Mac support
  • Automated personalized presenter welcome email with instructions and guidelines
  • 24/7 access to advanced speaker submission portal from laptops and mobile phones
  • Optional login questions
  • Automated file upload confirmation email
  • Onsite Speaker Ready Room provides opportunity to practice
  • Presenter view shows speaker notes
  • Configurable, automated disclosure capability
  • Files are packaged and delivered to the show manager post-event
  • Track which presenters have uploaded presentations
  • Support multiple speakers in each session
  • Allow for updates to presentation files preshow and in the Speaker Ready Room
  • Moderator tools to ensure content adheres to event guidelines
  • Sponsored walk-in slide
  • Experienced technical staff onsite to assist with questions and issues
  • Statistics dashboard

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